For Laborers

Increase the visibility of your claim of liens. If you provided any service (i.e. crew, mechanic, boatyard, etc.) and have not been paid, you can post a claim on this site and allow buyers, lenders, brokers, or anyone else involved with the boat to be aware.

  For Suppliers

Post your claim of lien. If you have supplied goods (i.e. food, fuel, equipment, etc.) and failed to be paid, use our platform and increase your chances of being paid.

  For Lenders

Post your contractual liens here, and direct lien searches to the location where the loan has been perfected (i.e. US Coast Guard, State DMV, or State UCC Filing).

"I found it very easy
to post the liens and print copies to forward to the appropriate people (Lawyers). I received full payment within two weeks of the first posting."

- Stephen I. Bunnell
Independent Marine Surveyor

"I can strongly recommend
anyone with a dispute concerning payment for work carried out to use your site as additional leverage to bring the other party back to reality and the negotiating table."

- Stuart Dodd
Manager, Stu4boats

"We put a lien on a boat
back in April. It worked, we've been paid. Thank you very much.

- Petros' Marine Service
Petro's Marine Service